Striped Sunflowers

2, 4, 8, 16, 20 Kg & 50 lb

Bigger and bolder than their black oil sunflower counterparts, striped sunflowers offer a substantial and equally invaluable food source for a diverse range of avian visitors. While larger birds like Jays, Woodpeckers, and Grosbeaks find them particularly enticing, these robust seeds are known to attract a wide array of feathered friends, including smaller species who eagerly take a crack at the bounty they offer. Key Highlights: Hearty Size, Hearty Nutrition: Striped sunflowers boast a larger size compared to black oil sunflowers, providing a hearty dose of essential nutrients and energy for birds. Big Bird Attraction: Their substantial size makes them an irresistible draw for bigger birds like Jays, Woodpeckers, and Grosbeaks, contributing to a lively and dynamic avian landscape. Universal Appeal: Don't be surprised to see a multitude of bird species, both big and small, joining in to enjoy the feast, adding diversity and charm to your birdwatching experience. Natural Challenge: Cracking open striped sunflowers can be a delightful challenge for birds, stimulating their foraging instincts and keeping them engaged. Year-Round Joy: These sunflowers offer a dependable year-round source of nourishment, ensuring the presence of feathered guests in every season. With striped sunflowers as part of your bird feeding repertoire, you're not only providing essential sustenance but also inviting a captivating spectacle of avian activity into your outdoor space. Witness the strength and determination of larger birds and the agility of smaller ones as they partake in the enriching feast these hearty seeds provide.

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