Pressed Seed

Agri-tel is amongst the top manufacturers of this product in North America for quantity and quality. Unlike suet, this is made up of mixture of different grains held together by gelatin and can be formed into various shapes like Bell, Ring, Cake, Bar & Logs with capacity to improvise new shapes if there is guaranteed volume. The best part is that these are made from premium blend of grains that offers a delectable feast for a great variety of birds. Woodpeckers love it. They add ornamental value to backyards and balconies with minimum mess (leftovers) and doesn't melt.

Our Product Line

Bird seed commonly used to make these products are black sunflower, stripe sunflower, Sunflower Kernels, Millet, Safflower, Peanuts, Peacans, Raisins & Fruit blend. We also use Chinese Mealworms and Canadian Grubs. We also provide cages made of wire. The sizes range from 5oz to 40oz and we can do both shrink and barrier wrap packing.





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